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Perfect protection for sensitive or aching feet: the new Pluto S!

Created at июня 13, 2017

The new Partial Foot Relief (post-surgery shoe) Shoe “Pluto S” unites the relevant functions of its predecessors “Pluto” and “Sirius”. From the latter, it features the functional forefoot flap which prevents lateralisation of the forefoot area, so the user cannot slip outwards. The integrated sole spots provide even more stability. Besides this improved security, the patient may rely on maximum hygiene – just like in the entire range of therapeutic shoes: inner lining and insole cover are equipped with an anti-bacterial finish based on an ammonium silane compound; which limits the colonization of certain bacterial strains.
As therapeutic shoe users are often suffering from diabetes mellitus, a removable soft padding sole serves as comfortable cushion for sensitive feet. The patients often also suffer from polyneuropathy and cannot sense pressure, pain or other irritations quick enough. Our recommendation: it is best to check your foot and shoe daily in order to react to possible injuries or pressure spots in time!

The new Pluto S at a glance:
•    rigid walking sole raised to the front (negative heel)
•    pressure relief and pressure distribution during gait cycle
•    forefoot flap prevents lateralisation of the forefoot
•    removable, soft padded insole
•    wide opening range for voluminous dressings
•    improved slip resistance due to sole spots
•    antibacterial finish
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