Streifeneder Unternehmensgruppe

Laminating of a finished EpoxiPure socket

Materials and Equipment

ManuMax - Wrist Support with silicone pad strap and volar reinforcement, individually adjustable

LumboMax - Lumbar Spine Support with back pad

Therapeutic shoes – wound management of the lower extremities

Processing of GelCoat

Prosthetic Socket

Elastic Joint Foot Orthoses

Motion Analysis

PRO.create Part 2

Application of an additional layer of GelCoat

Manufacturing of semin-flexible copolymer Streifydur

Max.Active Supports

EpiMax - Elbow Compression Support with silicone pads

GenuMax.stabil - Knee Support with joint for unlimited extension and flexion

MalleoMax - Ankle Support with silicone pads for soft part compression

Processing EpoxiPure Lamination Resin 3A2000 in Action

Combination Foot Orthosis

Hand Orthosis

PRO.create Part 1